At The Starving Rooster we believe in quality ingredients, being true to who you are, standing by what you believe in and having respect for all people.

The Capital City Starving Rooster is the second chapter in The Starving Rooster story, but carries with it the same sense of purpose.  The Starving Rooster restaurant in Minot was originally developed in the Aultman Taylor Company’s regional warehouse. The company had a long history of quality and pride for the things that they made. The “Starving Rooster” was used as their brand “moniker.” As legend has it, the Aultman Taylor Company made a threshing machine that was of the highest quality and didn’t leave a speck of grain behind. As a result, the roosters had nothing to eat. Well, we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry, but we do like the idea of taking pride in what we do and make. As a part of that philosophy, we also have great respect for our agricultural heritage and have repurposed nearly all of the materials from the original location and regional farms to build the tables, the tap auger, booths, wall panels, and other design elements to name a few. Integral to this is a deep appreciation of our farming roots and we are very proud to say that our fathers/mothers or grandfathers/grandmothers spent most of their lives making a living from our rich North Dakota land. It is out of respect for all of these things that we give you “The Starving Rooster,” a place as local as the land itself.

We hope you enjoy hanging out with “The Starving Rooster!” Chad and Angie, Chris and Sarah, Jeremy and Misty, Joel and Molly